The trusted personal data exchange platform that allows you to securely share, learn and earn

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May 24, 2017

360ofme Named One of Top Award Winners in Citi Tech for Integrity Challenge

May 15, 2017

360ofme Chosen as Finalist in X-Prize

February 13, 2017

360ofme Joins National Association for Trusted Exchange to Strengthen Consumer Control of Data

Complete Mobility for Your Online Information

As society becomes more mobile, your documents need to keep up. Being able to access and share your records safely and securely is essential. 360ofme is a new innovative and easy to use method of storing, sharing, and gaining insights. It’s fast, secure and easy to sign up.

Gain New Insights

Your data should work for you. With 360ofme’s insight engine, it does! 360ofme provides holistic insights and analytics by weaving together data from multiple vaults.

Monetize Your Data on Your Own Terms

In 2015, the data broker market amassed $156 billion dollars in selling data that does not belong to them. You received nothing for the sale of your asset. 360ofme, changes that paradigm. If you decide to share YOUR data for YOUR benefit, YOU will benefit. Your data, your asset, your monetization.