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360ofme is the new platform that provides you with portability, mobility and insights from your digital life. From healthcare to financial and insurance to automotive and home, 360ofme provides you with a simple means of securely sharing critical data with family members, doctors and others that you choose. Utilizing the power of artificial intelligence, gain new insights from your digital footprint.

We Are Leaders. We Are Innovators. We Are 360ofme.

We are assembling an outstanding team of people and advisors that are passionate about the journey to true consumer centricity and ownership of their digital assets..


the ability to bust and move, accept good and work toward great


myopic focus on value in all we do, to all we serve


never stop peering around corners, for that is what got us here and it is what will keep us here


be kind, be thoughtful, be willing to help anyone at any time


seek opinions and advice in all we do


willingness to pivot, on a dime, any time

Leadership Team

Cindy Warner

Founder / CEO

Advisory Team

Jan Plutzer

Advisory Member

Carole Bellis

Advisory Member

Derek Collison

Advisory Member

Evelyn DeSouza

Advisory Member

Filip Szalewicz

Advisory Member

Steve Bergman

Steve Bergman

Advisory Member

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