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Protect & Secure Your Customer Data

What if consumer data you currently collect could be securely stored in a centralized location and comply with all the current and future privacy regulations?

360ofme is the answer. As the most powerful personal data exchange platform on the market, its innovative solution provides a secure and compliant way to collect, store and protect customer data while you focus on what you do best. No more concerns on privacy regulations and reactive security controls, 360ofme takes care of it.

Curate Valuable Insights to Your Customer

What if you could solve the most pressing problems for your customers through insights and improve their well-being?

The 360ofme data exchange platform allows you to access aggregated and anonymized consumer data and drive significant insights that can be shared back to your customers in a secure and private manner. No more consent required – we handle that part and you focus on best serving your customers and providing them with additional benefits.

Generate New Revenue Streams

What if you could come up with new avenues to generate revenue based on your customer data and generated insights?

The 360ofme platform allows enterprises to ethically leverage and transform consumers’ data as new ways of monetization benefiting both the enterprise and its customers.

Together We Rebuild Trust

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