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Finally, your records go where you go. Visiting a new doctor for the first time? Provide instant, secure access to your partial or full medical record without the need for paper copies.


Compare your health information against against industry data sources. Learn and get insights from leading research tailored to your needs.


We take security of your personal information extremely seriously. Each piece of data is encrypted and anonymized, requiring permission only you can give to view it.

Ditch the Filing Cabinet

Filing cabinets can hold your documents, but they can’t tell you who looked at them or what’s in them. 360ofme digitizes and centralizes your important documents, increasing predictability of your health  and accessibility of your records.

A Longitudinal Health Records Provides Unmatched Predictability

Insights use context and history to become proactive and predictive. Imagine applying resources from leading health research to your personal health record to uncover trends in your health that are markers for disease….before the disease strikes. All under your control.

360ofme’s unique insight generator creates predictive analytics based on patient characteristics, medical history, and leading research. With a connected ecosystem, our platform can monitor changes in your health and create actionable alerts and awareness.

Your Personal Health Vault

With 360ofme, only you control your data. Share vital information with doctors and family members with ease, while retaining control the entire time. Shared records can be revoked at anytime. 360ofme secures your data and privacy through the most complex encryption algorithms, authentication and monitoring so you don’t have to.

Take Control Of Your Data Get Started

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