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Personal Data Exchange

360ofme is a cloud-based, secure personal data exchange that enables privacy, trust, insightfulness and monetization of consumers’ digital footprint between service providers and their customers.

The 360ofme platform enables to store, manage, share and gain new insights from consumers’ digital identity, digital personae, and digital footprint.

Our Approach

There are great examples of enterprises leading the way in using data to make smarter and faster decisions; but the consumer experience is a disconnected mess of silos of data lacking history and context.

360ofme empowers those enterprises to securely and ethically drive insights from and for their customers while consumers get full control of all of their personal information, share it with whomever they prefer, and gain valuable insights from across all aspects of their life.

Providing the most comprehensive longitudinal health record on the market today.

Creating an environment of cost savings and financial peace of mind.

Leveraging the extensive onboard computing power of the car to generate a range of benefits.


The platform is administered and monitored by a group of trusted entities while protecting the world’s most sensitive data.


Protected from everyone, anonymized data is accessible to services providers while consumers have full access and can choose who to share it with.


Consumers' data is greatly enhanced with contextual meaning and purpose.


Services providers and consumers can organize and add insights from virtually any data source.
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