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Today’s headlines are filled with data breaches and privacy concerns that continue to raise consumer apprehension about the well-being of their personal digital data. As more consumer data is moved online and new sensing devices begin to permeate people’s homes and lives, traditional means of securing consumer’s private data has become less effective. Historically viable methods of password-based challenge and response systems do little to secure today’s rich data sources or ensure consumer’s privacy in today’s sophisticated and data-rich environment. 360ofme employs an innovative security methodology and complex algorithms to its platform making it profoundly more challenging to breach than other existing solutions. Developed with security experts, the platform focuses on consumer privacy and data security: 


The platform ensures personal privacy through a complex means of selective disclosure of personal attributes that remain unlike credentials. 


The platform ensures that personal attributes are not linked to a consumer’s data. Access to specific elements is authentic, non-transferrable and compartmentalized

360ofme secures consumer data and privacy through complex encryption algorithms, multi-factor authentication, and transaction-level monitoring that make it highly complex to penetrate.  

The solution allows 360ofme to measure risk and protect the platform by providing contextual threat information such as geospatial, threat scoring and categorization, bot and spam detection, data inspection, transaction tokenization, and sandboxed malware detection through examination of key attack indicators. The 360ofme platform is protected by direct intelligence gathered through its security operations center and industry-recognized threat intelligence sources. All threats are updated in real-time as new attack vectors emerge detected by 360ofme partners. This innovative solution employs the latest “in-line” threat intelligence to critical 360ofme application transactions with negligible performance impact. 

360ofme’s groundbreaking technology platform is hosted and globally available on one of the industry’s most trusted and secure platforms and is highly extensible to ensure that connections to the platform’s data partners remain secure through its service-orientated architecture. Utilizing a pure cloud service and server-less architecture, the solution is designed for virtually unlimited scalability, resiliency, and low latency. 

Below are the pillars of our security architecture:  

  • Identity Access & Management 
    • Security Prevention 
    • Authentication & Access Control 
  • Cybersecurity 
    • Security Prevention 
    • Detection 
    • Incident Response & Recovery 
    • Compliance, Audit & Review 
  • Data Security 
    • Security Prevention 
    • Data Security & Privacy 
  • Data Privacy Compliance 
    • Consent Management 
    • Privacy Compliance Monitoring & Enforcement 
    • Compliance, Audit & Review 


Consumers can control who can access their data, what is shared, and when it’s available.  

If you elect to be forgotten, all data will be purged from the 360ofme platform. No lingering traces left behind.  

360ofme facilitates communications between you and third parties that you’ve chosen to share data with.  If you decide to turn off solicitations from entire marketing segments, or even entirely, you have control and can easily do so in one spot. 


360ofme brokers data exchange between you and third partiesService providers and offers partners never get access to your contact informationNor are they given the ability to mine your sensitive information, which is common practice on other platforms.

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