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CEO Cindy Warner Named Most Admired Business Leader by CIO Times

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360ofme Announces Relaunch of Ethical Data Exchange Platform with New Capabilities Ensuring Data Privacy and Security

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360ofme Inc., the trusted personal data exchange platform provider, announced today the relaunch of its new capabilities and goals to revolutionize securely storing, sharing, providing insights, and monetizing data between…

[White paper] Data Privacy as a Core Business Process

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What compliance requires from an enterprise data platform

How TikTok Tracks You Across the Web, Even If You Don’t Use the App – Consumer Reports

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Consumer Reports finds that websites are collaborating with TikTok, using the company's tracking technology to follow you when you aren't using TikTok.

Ranked as a Top Health Care Startup in Michigan

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2021 – 360ofme is ranked as 101 Top Michigan Health Care Companies and Startups of 2021 mission is clear. Promote the greatest American companies, businesses and innovations on the global…

Selected as Top 10 Healthcare Interoperability Solutions Companies 2022

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360ofme is selected as one of the Top 10 Healthcare Interoperability Solutions Companies in 2022 by Healthcare Tech Outlook.

The rise of the machines: What your data is being used for

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Blockchain-based data markets have great potential — they can prevent manipulation and ensure trust, transparency and data quality.

FTC Brings Action Against Ed Tech Provider Chegg for Careless Security that Exposed Personal Data of Millions of Customers

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The Federal Trade Commission is taking action against education technology provider Chegg Inc.

Europe prepares to rewrite the rules of the Internet

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EU hopes DMA will force Big Tech platforms to break open their walled gardens.

What do criminals want with our health data — and what could they use it for?

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Experts say it's unclear what the hackers are after, but the intimacy of what has been stolen could undermine our trust in the health system. 
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